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Intertech is a senior member of alibaba for 13 years, mainly making plastic injection mold/molding, silicone mold/molding and metal punch die/stamping project in Taiwan.

This honor is really an approval, an acknowledgement for Intertech, who you can trust and make safe mold and molding business with for 100% sure.

We have many SGS approval custom mold making and molding service evidence in following link, which contains many innovative information and techncial development of Intertech, Come to take a look now : https://intertech.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.88.154.21a72350fqj2Fl



Mold Design

Mold design profile introduction

Intertech is a professional mold design, molding design, molding design,injection mold design engineering,mould engineering services Supplier. Find more mold design, molding design, plastic mould design,mould engineering services information here or contact us for full service.
Intertch provides mold design for customers.  

We use Pro-E, Solidworks for 3D mold designWe mainly use Pro-E, Solidworks software for 3D (.igs or .stp format) AutoCad for 2D (.dwg)

Mold Design

Molding Makermake your idea come true

mold design

Up to customer’s requirement, we provide the custom mold flow analysis service. Before making the mold flow analysis design, through the mold flow analysis, customer can optimize their parts design by checking the material filling, deformation, shrinkage, welding line, temperature, shear stress, hot runner layout…etc to de-bug the parts design mistake, to simplify the manufacturing process and to raise up the positive productivity rate.

The following are some examples…of our mold flow analysis service contents.


Design, Product and Process Development

  • Product design
  • Product development
  • Simultaneous engineering
  • Tool engineering and tool manufacturing
  • Product management (turn key)
Mold flow analysis – data of parts :

Mold flow analysis – data of parts

Mold flow analysis – thickness distribution & gate location :

Mold flow analysis – thickness distribution & gate location

Quick service: 100% in Taiwan

l   Mold making

l   Injection molding

l   Tool and die making

l   Tool and die production

l   DFM

l   Mold flow

l   Conform your Industrial engineering to tooling engineering project management by experienced engineers

l   Engineering discussion is available

Taiwan Mold and Molding Factory:

l   Over 30 years experience, Intertech offers customers with intelligent and cost saving mold and molding solutions to their production need in Taiwan.

l   We can make the quality molds for your most complex parts and projects, including mold manufacturing, assembly, testing, and packaging.

l   With 30 years experience, we manage very well in contract manufacturing, including the material selection, customer design checking, engineering discussion, tooling, pilot run, mass production, post operations, quality control and supply chain management.   l  We have excellent mold making lead time, some molds 40 days, some molds even 35 days, up to your parts design.

Mold flow analysis – gate size & hot runner layout :

Mold flow analysis – gate size & hot runner layout
Mold flow analysis – condition of injection machine & melt front analysis :

Mold flow analysis – condition of injection machine & melt front analysis
Mold flow analysis – temperature & shear stress :

Mold flow analysis – temperature & shear stress

Mold flow analysis – Shrinkage :

Mold flow analysis – Shrinkage


Intertech makes both runnerless molding system and cold deck system in our silicone rubber mold making.

Intertech makes both runnerless molding system and cold deck system in our silicone rubber mold making.


Tooling Design for Silicone Molding

One of the biggest challenges in mold design for silicone molding is the runnerless molding system or cold deck.

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A continuing trend within the molding business is silicone molding, which is being used in the medical, electronics, packaging and automotive industries. The injection molding of silicone has many applications due to the hardness range of the material, from 5 to 90 durometer. All of these industries have witnessed large growth trends in silicone molding—including the multi-material/two-shot molding and overmolding market segments.

Silicone appears to be the material of choice for more and more applications, due to the following properties and benefits:

  • Inert, odorless, tasteless, stainless; ideal for medical and food applications
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Thermal resistance; special compounds available
  • High resistance to weathering and oxidation
  • Excellent electrical qualities
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Colorfast and light stable with FL color pastes
  • Can be compounded for special properties

One needs to realize that the technology is 180 degrees opposite of what the experienced injection molder has developed throughout his or her years in the thermoplastics business. Silicone rubbers are synthetic polymers with an alternating Si-O backbone. The molecules will cross link with the addition of a catalyst, such as platinum catalyst silicones. The two parts are mixed in a predetermined ratio, forming a compound ready to be cured.

The silicone molding process is different from that of thermoplastics in a few different ways. To mold a part, thermoplastic resin is heated in the barrel and injected into a cold mold. Typically, silicone molding of a part requires the liquid rubber to be kept cool (5 to 25oC or 60 to 77oF) and then it is injected into a heated mold (170 to 210oC or 340 to 410oF).


Mold Design and Build

The design and manufacture of a silicone mold is different from thermoplastic tooling as well: e.g., tolerances, venting, part ejection and the installation of a vacuum system. Although the tooling design is different, optimizing processing variables such as temperature, pressure and time are essential in both thermoplastic molding and silicone molding. Silicone has the viscosity of peanut butter as it is combined in the A&B components of the silicone. Once the material is injected through the gates, and has experienced shear and is allowed to have contact with the hot surfaces of the mold, the viscosity becomes that of water.

One of the challenges in mold design is the runnerless molding system or cold deck (see Figure 1)—which allows for the equal distribution of material to each cavity at the same hydraulic pressure and consistent temperature profile. (A cold deck is similar to a hot runner system with the exception that it is operating at 60 to 77oF and has cooling channels in it instead of heating elements.)

The cold deck is designed in a way that it will accommodate the temperature differential from the heated mold plates and cavities within the mold to the cooled plates within the cold deck. This is typically accomplished by the use of titanium spacers and insulation board between the cold plates and the heated ones.

The cold water will be introduced to the top plates and then circulated through these plates into the specially designed nozzles to maintain the temperature differential between the cold and heated sections of the mold. The nozzles will have cooling channels in them that are specifically designed to maintain the required temperature at the tip area. This is accomplished by special machining and materials within the nozzles and tip.

Tips are made of special alloy, powdered metal that is not heat conductive. This allows for close tolerances within the gate area to maintain diameters that are measured in microns (µm) from gate to gate to maintain an equal flow and fill into the cavities. The contact area for the gating insert at the gate area is kept to a minimum of approximately .015-.020 land area to minimize any heat transfer from the hot surface of the mold into the gate area. This will eliminate any preliminary cross linking of the material from taking place.

The design of the tip area allows for the thermal expansion of the mold back into the nozzle well area. The tip area has to have compressibility to eliminate the potential of possibly breaking the gate area out of the cavity area. The gates can be valve gates for when appearance is critical or for sequential molding; or, open sprue type, which allows an open flow of the material into the cavity area. The gates are quite small in relationship to thermoplastics. Typical gate diameters may range from .006 to .020 inch to create the shear required in the silicone (see Figures 2a, b).

Open cold runners are typically filled with high injection speeds to ensure that filling will be even. Cold runners with valve gates allow for a slower filling speed, while with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) the flow velocity is faster in the cavity at the center of the flow than at the surface, thus the material is cross linking as it has contact with the hot surface. Valve gates will be opened at approximately .1 to .3 seconds before injection forward to allow for the silicone to start the shear process as it is injected and to eliminate any compression in the material as it is injected.

To ensure equal opening and closing of the valves it is imperative to use either a hydraulic/pneumatic or possibly a magnetic valve assembly to assure the positive opening and closing of the valves at the same time. For high cavity, close-pitched systems of approximately 12-mm spacing, it is recommended that either a hydraulically-activated, valve pin plate or a cam-activated system be used to maintain the accuracy of the valve open and close (see Figure 3).

The benefit of using a valve gate system over another type of runner system is that this process allows for 100 percent of the molded product for the material used versus the generation of scrap runners. It has to be remembered that the processor is striving to get a finished part out of the mold without any secondary trimming or secondary runners. Besides achieving better control and optimum cycles combined with lower costs and a better product, you are not contributing scrap to a landfill. Once silicone is processed it cannot be recycled back into the melt stream. The material is typically sent to a landfill. Should you be fortunate enough to find someone who will take it back, you will have to pay $0.15 per pound for it to be taken away and ground up. At this time there is little demand for the regrind, which is why it goes into a landfill.



Silicone is a material that is driving innovation not only for medical parts, but also for electronic, automotive and soft-touch applications. With further development of self-adhering, chemically bonded silicone, the opportunities for multi-material applications will continue to grow. To gain the knowledge of how your application will perform, it is always recommended that a prototype mold be built to determine the amount of exact shrink and gate sizes that will be right for a specific application. A typical approach is to develop a standard prototype mold frame with quick-change locks to accept a variety of cavity configurations that will fit into the nozzle pitch area. Silicone molding will be a learning process if you are going from thermoplastics to silicone, but with some knowledge and education there can be tremendous opportunities.

sourced from :https://www.moldmakingtechnology.com/articles/tooling-design-for-silicone-molding

Intertech Machinery Inc.

Plastic molds, plastic injection molding, silicone rubber molds, liquid silicone rubber molds, metal stamping dies

With more than 25 years of experience in the line, Intertech Machinery Inc. uses well-honed production technology to turn out a variety of molds in Taiwan.

The company’s product lineup encompasses a wide range of plastic molds, plastic injection molding, silicone rubber molds, liquid silicone rubber molds, metal stamping dies. The company also specializes in making undercut molds / unscrewing molds / core pulling molds / PMMA/PC high gloss polished molds / interchangeable core molds  / hot compression molds / 2-component injection molds / pilot molds.

Intertech is very professional in making mold and molding projects in POM, Nylon+FG engineering components/PC, LSR, RoHS medical compliant products / LSR baby nipples / PC, PMMA lighting LED equipment / ABS, PP auto parts / ABS, PP electronics / PP, PE, ABS household appliances / PP, PE packaging cap, closure, container / PVC, PP pipe fitting…etc.

Excellent engineering capability with professional CAD and CAM software such as Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Cimetron, I-DEAS, and Mold Flow Analysis , in R&D work enables Intertech to offer demanding customers efficient, full-cycle production processes, from mold designing and prototyping to manufacturing and assembly at very economical costs, along with timely consultation, trouble-shooting, and after-sales services.


Intertech Machinery Inc.The company’s molds, with their fine dimensional precision and competitive prices, have proven popular with manufacturers from different sectors in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, the U.K, the U.S., South Africa, Syria, Cyprus, Greece and the Philippines, as well as other markets. As a world-class supplier, the company has been registered by the D&B D-U-N-S.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-An Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, 242, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-2833-4646  Fax: 886-2-2833-4700

E-mail: intertech@seed-net.tw



Intertech Machinery Inc. (German)

Kunststoffformen, Kunststoff Spritzgießformen, Silikon Gummi Formen, Flüssigsilikon Gummiformen, Metallstanzformen

Mit mehr als 25 Jahren Erfahrung in seinem Bereich kommt beim taiwanischen Unternehmen Intertech Machinery Inc. bei der Produktion einer Vielzahl von Formen nur ausgereifte Produktionstechnologie zum Einsatz.

Zum Produktsortiment des Unternehmens gehört eine Vielzahl von Kunststoffformen, Kunststoff Spritzgießformen, Silikon Gummiformen und Flüssigsilikon Gummiformen sowie Metallstanzformen. Das Unternehmen spezialisiert sich auch auf die Herstellung von Hinterschnittgussteilen / Abschraubformen / Core Pulling Molds / PMMA/PC auf Hochglanz polierte Formen / austauschbare Kerninnenformen / Heißkompressionsformen / 2-Komponenten Spritzgießformen sowie Pilotformen.

Intertech gilt als äußerst professioneller Hersteller von Formen und Formentwicklungsprojekten für POM, Nylon+FG Maschinenbaukomponenten/PC, LSR, RoHS konforme medizinische Produkte / LSR Milchflaschensauger / PC, PMMA LED Beleuchtungsausrüstung / ABS, PP Autoteile / ABS, PP elektronische Teile / PP, PE, ABS Haushaltsgeräte / PP, PE Deckel, Verschlüsse, Behälter / PVC, PP Rohrverschraubungen, etc.

Exzellente technische Fähigkeiten in Kombination mit professioneller CAD und CAM Software, wie etwa Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Cimetron, I-DEAS und Moldflow-Analysen sowie die Bemühungen im Bereich Forschung und Entwicklung erlauben es Intertech hohen Kundenanforderungen effizient nachzukommen und vollständige Produktionsprozesse anzubieten, vom Formdesign und der Prototyperstellung bis hin zur Produktion und Montage –  und das zu vernünftigen Kosten. Für ausreichend Gesprächszeit für Beratung und Problemlösung wird gesorgt, und es bietet Kundendienst nach Kauf.

Die Formen des Unternehmens konnten dank ihrer hohen Präzision und ihrer wettbewerbsfähigen Preisstruktur bei Abnehmern aus Finnland, Schweden, Dänemark, den Niederlanden, Deutschland, Großbritannien, den U.S.A., Südafrika, Syrien, Zypern, Griechenland und den Philippinen sowie anderen Absatzmärkten ihre Popularität unter Beweis stellen. Als erstklassiger Anbieter kann das Unternehmen auf eine D&B D-U-N-S Registrierung verweisen.


Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-An Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, 242, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-2833-4646  Fax: 886-2-2833-4700

E-mail: intertech@seed-net.tw




Annually marking the first weekend of summer, the Tim Hortons Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival brings together North America’s premier dragon boating regatta and an epic lineup of free concerts!

Kicking things off on a stacked Thursday night are The Sheepdogs, Said The Whale and The Elwins. Friday, in what’s sure to be a fantastic evening, are Dear Rouge, The Zolas and Kalle Mattson. Continuing the festivities on Saturday are the spectacular Half Moon Run, Darcys, Kasador, and Twin Flames. Artistic Director Antony Cooper says “The Festival has a tradition of presenting an incredible line up of Canada’s best talent and this years line up does exactly that. From start to finish you race, you rock!”

Thursday, June 22 Friday, June 23 Saturday, June 24
9:30 The Sheepdogs 9:45 Dear Rouge 9:30 Half Moon Run
8:00 Said The Whale 8:15 The Zolas 8:00 Darcys
6:30 The Elwins 6:30 Kalle Mattson 6:30 Kasador
5:00 Twin Flames

The Tuen Ng or Duanwu Festival, also often known, especially in the West, as the Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. It is also known as Zhongxiao Festival (Chinese: 忠孝節; pinyin: Zhōngxiàojié), commemorating fealty and filial piety. The festival now occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the traditional Chinese calendar, which is the source of the festival’s alternative name, the Double Fifth Festival.

We can make plastic parts or silicone parts what about Dragon Boat Festival. If you need mold and molding, welcome to contact us !



ب ب، ،ب بن ن، ،ب بة ةن ن، ،ب بة ةن نن ن، ،ب بسّ ّمعدنية ة

م مة ةت تك كذ ذر رن ن25 عاما” ن نة ةة ةج جة ةالر رة ةمتنوة ةن نالقب بي يتايوان.

ل لخّ ّج جي ية ةة ةة ةن نب ب، ،ب بن ن، ،قب بة ةن ن، ،ل لة ةن نن ن، ،ب بسّ ّمعدنيّة. ا اتخص صة ةب بالمقطوعة / ب بالمفكّكة/ ب بة ةة ةة ةاللمعان/ ب بب باألساسية/ ل لب باألساسية/ ب بط طساخنة/ ب بن نن نمكوّنين/ ب بتجريبية.

وتعّ ّك كة ةة ةة ةي يع عب بوتتقيد دم مل لالمود دالخة ةي يع عب بالمكوة ةن نك كوالنايلون/ ب بالطبية/ ب باألطفال/ ت تة ةبالليدLED/ع عت تالبالستيكية/ االلكترونيات/ ة ةالمنزلية/ ة ةف فوالحاويات/ تب باألنابيب… خ خ

ز زن نة ةة ةة ةة ةر ري يج جالتحويلة ةي يم مع عل لم م، ،ل لق ق، ،Cimetron, I-DEAS,. ا ااّ ّالعل لف يث ثوالم ميوفر رللعء ءن نت تج جة ةة ةة ةأ أن نم مب بج جة ةى ىتصنيا اا ابأر رة ةذ ذن نر رت توحّ ّل لت تا اد دالبيع.

د دت تب بة ةا اة ةواسعاا اة ةة ةى ىالمصنن ني يمختف فت تي يل لن ن، ،، ،، ،ه، ،الماا ا ،ة ةالمت، ،ت تالمت، ،ب ب، ،سوري، ،، ،، ،ن نة ةى ىق قاخرى. ا اأّ ّة ةي ير رموردا” عالميا” مسجة ةي يم مي يم مالبيانات.

Intertech Machinery Inc. (French)

Avec plus de 25 années d’expérience dans le domaine, Intertech Machinery Inc. emploie une technologie bien rodée pour produire une variété de moules à Taïwan.


La gamme de produits de l’entreprise comprend un vaste éventail de moules plastique, moules pour injection plastique, moules en caoutchouc de silicone, moules pour élastomères de silicone liquide et moules pour estampage en métal. L’entreprise est également spécialisée dans la fabrication de moules à contre­dépouille / moules à dévissage / moules extracteurs de noyaux / moules PMMA/PC à poli haute brillance / moules à noyau interchangeable / moules de compression à chaud / moules à injection deux composants / moules pilotes.

Intertech réalise de manière très professionnelle des projets de moules et moulages POM, des composants techniques nylon+FG / des produits médicalement conformes PC, LSR et RoHS / des tétines de bébé LSR / des équipements d’éclairage LED PC, PMMA / des pièces auto ABS, PP / de l’électronique ABS, PP / des appareils électroménagers PP, PE, ABS / des bouchons d’emballages, fermetures, récipients PP, PE / des raccords de tuyaux PVC, PP, etc.

Une excellente capacité d’ingénierie, avec logiciels CAO et FAO tels qu’Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Cimetron, I-DEAS et Mold

Flow Analysis, permet à Intertech d’offrir aux clients exigeants des processus de production complets efficaces, allant

de la conception des moules et la réalisation de prototypes à la fabrication et l’assemblage à des prix très économiques, avec consultations en temps opportun, résolution de problèmes et service après-vente.



Intertech Machinery Inc. (Spanish)

Moldes de Plástico, Moldeo por Inyección de Plástico, Moldes de Caucho de Silicona, Moldes de Caucho de Silicona Líquida, Matrices de Estampado Metálicas

Con más de 25 años de experiencia en el sector, Intertech Machinery Inc. utiliza una tecnología de producción muy perfeccionada para producir una variedad de moldes en Taiwán.


La línea de productos de la compañía abarca una amplia gama de moldes de plástico, moldeo por inyección de plástico, moldes de caucho de silicona, moldes de caucho de silicona líquida y matrices de estampado metálicas. La compañía también está especializada en fabricar moldes socavados / moldes de desenroscar / moldes de núcleo extraído / moldes pulidos brillantes PMMA/PC / moldes de núcleo intercambiables / moldes de compresión calientes / moldes de inyección de 2 componentes / moldes piloto.

Intertech es muy profesional fabricando moldes y proyectos de moldeo en POM, componentes de ingeniería de Nailon+FG / productos médicos autorizados de PC, LSR , RoHS / tetinas para bebés de LSR / equipos de iluminación LED de PC, PMMA / piezas de automóviles de ABS, PP / productos electrónicos de ABS, PP / electrodomésticos de PP, PE, ABS / tapas de envase, cierres, recipientes de PP, PE / instalación de tuberías de PVC, PP, etc.

La excelente capacidad de ingeniería con software profesional CAD y CAM, como AutoCAD, Pro-E, Cimetron, I- DEAS, y Análisis de Flujo de Moldeo, en el trabajo de I+D permite a Intertech ofrecer a los clientes más exigentes eficiencia, procesos de producción de ciclo completo, desde el diseño y prototipos de moldes hasta la fabricación y montaje a precios muy económicos, junto con oportunos asesoramientos, resolución de problemas, y servicios posventa.

Los moldes de la compañía, con su excelente precisión dimensional y precios competitivos, ha demostrado ser muy popular entre los fabricantes de diferentes sectores en Finlandia, Suecia, Dinamarca, Países Bajos, Alemania, Reino Unido, EE.UU., Sudáfrica, Siria, Chipre, Grecia y Filipinas, así como otros mercados. Como un proveedor de clase mundial, la compañía ha sido registrada por D&B D-U-N-S.

Intertech Machinery Inc.

Factory: No. 20, Lane 417, Min-An Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City, 242, Taiwan

Tel: 886-2-2833-4646  Fax: 886-2-2833-4700

E-mail: intertech@seed-net.tw